Wednesday, 17 June 2009

It's Zara, Bitch


That's Zara Rabinowicz...

Z for zoom
A for angel
R for rarity
A for atchoo!

R for reviews
A for Ann Summers
B for beauty
I for Internet
N for naughty toys
O for 'Oh!'
W for wishlist
I for injections
C for couriers
Z for ZOMG!

got it?

Zara makes sideburns look pretty

Hello Zara!

Zara's watergun revenge

The truth about Zara's first ever Shiny video review

What they are really thinking/saying

Susi - Here's the latest iPod Dock - (what is this blonde woman doing next to me? Shouldn't she be editing Spurs Pies?)

Zara - Yeah love it Susi, great sound (your YouTube fanbase is toast. they will be mine, all mine, ha)

They try but no one can pose quite like Zara