Wednesday, 17 June 2009

It's Zara, Bitch


That's Zara Rabinowicz...

Z for zoom
A for angel
R for rarity
A for atchoo!

R for reviews
A for Ann Summers
B for beauty
I for Internet
N for naughty toys
O for 'Oh!'
W for wishlist
I for injections
C for couriers
Z for ZOMG!

got it?

Zara makes sideburns look pretty

Hello Zara!

Zara's watergun revenge

The truth about Zara's first ever Shiny video review

What they are really thinking/saying

Susi - Here's the latest iPod Dock - (what is this blonde woman doing next to me? Shouldn't she be editing Spurs Pies?)

Zara - Yeah love it Susi, great sound (your YouTube fanbase is toast. they will be mine, all mine, ha)

They try but no one can pose quite like Zara

LOL-ing it up tech style

Daniel Sung, Tech Digest Editor says...

"for me it was always the suggestive compact camera reviews: "Look at the zoom on that!""

No one knows how to have fun at press events mors than Madame Zsa Zsa

Roauwww! Who can tame Zsa Zsa

She is a woman of mystery, with a core of steel.

Who can tame her wild heart?

Five things you didn't know about the divine Miss R

1 She has worked on more Shiny blogs than anyone in the history of Shiny. In particular her stint as editor of Spurs Pies saw the blog rocket to new readership heights and even overtake the infinitely inferior Beef Bagel.

2 She has the biggest YouTube following of any Shiny. Though a certain Miss Weaser would beg to differ the figures speak for themselves. Helps if you let your boss shoot you.

3 She has the most unusual sneeze on the planet. It can regularly be heard as far away as Basingstoke.

4 Her Lily Allen CD once got permanently stuck in her hard drive and played 48 times over a three day period.

5 She has broken the hearts of more tech journalists than anyone ever. I know of at least three hacks that have secret books of poetry all dedicated to her

No one messes with the Sugar-coated Steamtrain

How to sneeze like Zara:

Atchoo Oh!

Is it really the end?

It's not goodbye, it's au revoir!

Zara Rabinowicz is an angel!

Just look at that angelic, sorry drunken smile!